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The existence of KLK dates back to the early 1920's. September 12, 1924 was the first ever KLK election. KLK was founded by prominent members of Western Ukraine's community-leaders, directors and other intellectuals. Though it is a sports oriented organization, KLK played a major role in awakening the patriotic souls of young Ukrainians. 

In Western Ukraine this club existed for two decades, introducing and encouraging skiing among Ukrainian youth. In the thirties, there was a vigorously competitive skiing program underway, encompassing large numbers of outstanding skiers. In those days, the emphasis was on "Nordic disciplines" (cross country and jumping) because alpine competitions (downhill and slalom) were still in their infancies. Once a year, a general ski race was held in the Carpathian Mountains, usually in Slavsko or Vorokhta, with skiers from many locations from Western Ukraine participating. Later, in the 1930's the alpine competition was introduced. 

In 1953 in New York City, a sports club of ski enthusiasts who called themselves "The Carpathian Ski Club" emerged as KLK. The members and founders of KLK-USA were dedicated Ukrainian immigrants who brought the traditions of Ukraine's KLK and instilled them into the new generation of Ukrainian-Americans. In 1954 the first KLK-USA ski race was held at Whiteface Mountain, New York.

Since then, ski races have been held annually with an ever-increasing number of participants. These events are anticipated with excitement by every skier. After 54 years, KLK-USA blossomed as on organization while still holding onto the original principles of the 1924 founders. Thanks to the dedication of the KLK leaders of 1953, KLK also remains an actively growing organization today. In 2008 our racers received the highest NASTAR awards of any ski club in the USA, allowing KLK-USA-CANADA to reach new heights.

To keep skiers in shape during the summer, the club was active in volleyball, swimming and tennis. With time, strong teams were established in every discipline. The membership was very dedicated and enthusiastic in its club activities and conducted all its races in the spirit of true sportsmanship and amateurism. Emphasis was not only placed on victory, but mainly on participation and the formation of character and personality. KLK had its chapters in many cities and even villages. Among the most active ones were: Lviv, Vorokhta, Slavsko and Stanyslaviv. Before WWII, KLK became one of the strongest youth organizations despite the violent oppression of the Polish administration. The activities that KLK offered came across as elements of resistance and sources striving towards achieving Ukraine’s independence and the Polish administration wanted it to end. As time passed, and the war ended, most of the displaced people emigrated to free countries. Many of whom settled in the United States. Once there, KLK resumed its existence in New York with new vigor.

In addition to the New York chapter, KLK chapters emerged in many other cities. The most active of which are in Cleveland, Toronto and Buffalo. Regardless of the chapter, our members cherish the longstanding traditions carried out by the KLK organization. No matter where members settle down, they manage to again and again continue living by the motto: KLK exists whenever and wherever its members are.


The KLK symbol was created at therequest of the KLK board by Robert Lisovsky.


Lev Sheparovych - 1 st elected president of KLK in 1924.

Lev Sheparovychwas elected as president of KLK in 1924.


The KLK anthem was writtenin 1933 by Roman Kupchynsky.